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2 months ago

Fourteen Great Safety Podcasts

First a disclaimer - these are not the fourteen best but just fourteen that have been recommended by safety and health professionals. I give all podcasters a lot of credit for taking the time and effort to share their knowledge with others. If I missed one, please let me know and I'll create a "Part 2" list next month.

On the Safe Side

A monthly podcast from Safety & Health magazine. Almost all episodes are less than 30 minutes which is a bonus in my book:)

Embracing Differences

Weekly (mostly) conversations with thought leaders and safety scientists. Brought to you by Nippin Anand at Novellus Solutions.


A podcast (1-3 times a month) brought to you by the members of ASSP's Healthcare Practice Specialty

The Safety Justice League

A weekly podcast brought to you by three safety professionals (Abby Ferri, Jason Maldonado, and Jason Lucas)

The Accidental Safety Pro

A podcast (usually one or two episodes a month) hosted by Jill James of HSI.

Ted Speaks

Podcast by safety professional Ted Carew

Safety Culture Excellence

A weekly podcast by Shawn Galloway and Terry Mathis of ProAct Safety

The Safety and Health Podcast

A podcast from The Safety and Health Practitioner

The Evil Safety Dudes

A podcast by Aaron Iacino and AJ Hanscom of IBC

Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus

A podcast by safety consultant Sheldon Primus

The Case for Safety

Podcast by the American Society of Safety Professionals

The NFPA Podcast

A bi-monthly podcast by the National Fire Protection Association

The Safety of Work

A podcast (about every other week) by Dr. David Provan and Dr. Drew Rae of the Safety Science Innovation Lab

Pre-Accident Investigations

A frequent podcast by Ted Conklin


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2 months ago by Hubert Chan

"Vow, that's great list of podcasts, I'll surely checkout them."

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