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7 months ago

Ten Sources: Training Images

When creating training materials, it is often difficult to find just the right image. Here are a list of my favorites.


Although Canva is primarily for creating all kinds of graphic designs, the site offer many free (and some paid) photos and illustrations. To use them in training, create a new design (the Instagram size works well) and simple add an illustration to the design and download. Once it's downloaded, you can simply insert it in your training materials.

Can Stock Photo

Depending on size of photo downloaded, these can be an economical option. (For safety training, the small size photo options work perfectly fine)

IStock Photo

Another option for stock photos but more expensive than the others.

Flat Icon

A good site for simple shapes for some presentations and infographics.

Free Pik

Free option and paid option available.


An interesting free collection of simple illustrations.


A large collection of free photos.

Icon Scout

Collection of illustrations, animations, 3D images and icons (free and paid)

Big Heads

An interesting site when you just need a character for your training with lots of customization options.


Totally free - new illustration available every day.


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