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5 months ago

Online Learning Games

I've collected ten different online game options you may want to consider introducing into your safety training classes.


Of course Kahoot! is #1! For my details check out the May issue of The Safety Training Net


Some similarities to Kahoot but has a team and a test function as well


Great options for question format plus tracking of attendees


This initially looks like it's designed for kids (and it may be) but search "safety" and you can see how it can be used in the workplace.


Lots of options based on data in a Google spreadsheet


A variety of simple games (like crosswords and word finds) that can be customized with safety training content


A variety of familiar (like crosswords) and unusual (for example, "rapid fire") that can be customized for safety training

Learning Apps

Some great options here including a cloze creation tool (demonstrated in the May issue of the Safety Training Net)

Quizlet (Live)

You may know quizlet for self-study but there is a "Live" option that works very much like Kahoot

Aha Slides

Several options available including a quiz creation tool similar to Quizlet


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