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Find Copywriting Inspiration Websites for Marketers & Copywriters to Write a Great Copy


My list of websites I use to take inspiration for writing a copy for landing page, websites, social media posts, blogs, and emails. If you're a marketer or a copywriter you can learn from these websites.

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My absolute favorite and probably the largest collection of copywriting resources.


Swipe File

Lots of cool resources to find inspiration for your marketing. They have compiled Ads, Billboard ads, Sales pages, landing pages, headline, design, brochure, email in a easy to use collection.


Really Good Emails

Huge collection of email copywriting inspiration. The collection gets update almost weekly. And has a lots of tags and category to filter what you are looking for.


Good Mail Copy

Collection of good email copy for inspiration. Small resource but helpful.


Good Sales Emails

Resource focused on sales and marketing email copywriting inspiration.


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