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9 months ago

5 Best Highly Secure VPNs for 2021

I've tested and ranked the best ultra-private VPNs. Factoring in speed, features, price, and privacy, these are the all-time best VPNs to use this year.


It's really, really fast and uses a proprietary protocol to bypass restrictions to unlock websites and hide your traffic.

Private Internet Address

This VPN lets you pay with Bitcoin or even a gift card for utmost privacy. It's also ultra-cheap.


A limited free version is available. The paid and free version has been audited to prove that they're secure and the company keeps zero identifiable logs of your activity.


Use this one if you need to install it on all your devices. It supports unlimited simultaneous connections.


History proves that this VPN is secure and robust.


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8 months ago by FR

"check out , it will burn any of these accounts into a router to help you have a VPN at router level. Very cool"

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