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Best free online torrent clients

Download torrents with nothing but your web browser. ISPs can't block these downloaders because they look like regular web traffic. They're really easy to use and completely free and legal.


2 GB of free space, supports streaming videos directly from the site


1 GB max file sizes

Completely free, no user account needed, streams videos quickly


Huge 200 GB of space for your files, 50 MB max file size. Great for software and images.

Torrent Safe

1 GB max file sizes, unlimited downloads per month with no account registration needed

1 GB storage space, streams on all devices


Accepts huge files, totally free with no user account needed


Watch movies for free without downloading them or even waiting long for them to load


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8 months ago by Startup Dude

"Thanks, looking for this :)"

8 months ago by 5G News

"Nice! Didn't know there were so many."

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