Cash App

Founded by Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Cash App lets you search for stocks by category and performance, as well as by ones that yield dividends. It's extremely easy to use and you can cash out to your account and use the funds immediately with your Cash App card. Also supports bitcoin.


Earn up to 8.6% APY on your crypto holdings. Plus, buy and borrow crypto from the app.

DIY Valentine's Day Escape Room

Perfect if you need help hiding a gift. Have the person work for it thru an at-home escape room.

Interactive 3D Sound Game

Similar to the Valentine game above, this one has you click through videos you think are the correct answer. You have 60 minutes.

Christmas Escape Room

Can you find Santa's extra fun gift for you this year? Solve these escape room puzzles to see for yourself! There are 16 games hidden in this video and in its description.

1950s Valentine Clickable Puzzle Game

Help open boxes from the 1950s as a Valentine's gift to Jane. It works by having you click through links you think are the answer, and you'll be told if you're right or wrong. All you need is YouTube.


Much more robust than the others in this list, but it's been around since the '70s and manages over $6 trillion in global assets and is the largest provider of mutual funds.


Invest in stocks, options, ETFs, and ADRs. Zero commissions and no min. deposit. Also supports IRAs.


Invest in stocks and ETFs. There are 2,000+ to choose from including Apple, Facebook, Snap, and Tesla, or invest in ETFs managed by experts like Fidelity and Vanguard.


Fluid app design that makes finding the top 100 most popular stocks really easy. You can also filter by the biggest daily movers, index ETFs, and other trending topics like cannabis, pharma, and energy. Read news in the app to decide if a buy is worth it.


History proves that this VPN is secure and robust.

Private Internet Address

This VPN lets you pay with Bitcoin or even a gift card for utmost privacy. It's also ultra-cheap.


It's really, really fast and uses a proprietary protocol to bypass restrictions to unlock websites and hide your traffic.


A limited free version is available. The paid and free version has been audited to prove that they're secure and the company keeps zero identifiable logs of your activity.


Use this one if you need to install it on all your devices. It supports unlimited simultaneous connections.


Share your room link and pick a username, and any file you send to the room is available to the other recipients.


For local networks only, share messages and files by simply opening the site.

Pick any file from your device to get a single-use, direct download link.

Select files to send and get a password-protected page to share.


Choose a file to share and get a special link to send to anybody.


Open on more than one local device and each one is added to the room automatically, or share the public URL with people outside the network. Select anyone to send a file to them.


Watch movies for free without downloading them or even waiting long for them to load


Accepts huge files, totally free with no user account needed

1 GB storage space, streams on all devices

Completely free, no user account needed, streams videos quickly

Torrent Safe

1 GB max file sizes, unlimited downloads per month with no account registration needed


2 GB of free space, supports streaming videos directly from the site


Huge 200 GB of space for your files, 50 MB max file size. Great for software and images.

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