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Reddit Communities to learn about Startups, Business, and Entrepreneurship

If you're looking to learn about entrepreneurship and startups. These Reddit communities can help you in your startup journey.


Reddit Entrepreneur Community

A community of individuals who seek to solve problems, network professionally, collaborate on projects and make the world a better place.


Reddit Statups Community

The place to discuss startup problems and solutions. Startups are companies that are designed to grow and scale rapidly.


Reddit Alpha and Beta users Community

The place to get Alpha and Beta users and testers to test your app/website


Reddit indiebiz Community

Independent and Small Businesses Working Together


Reddit Design Critiques Community

Help new and amateur designers improve their designs


Reddit Ladybusiness Community

A place to discuss, celebrate and encourage folks who identify as women, trans and non-binary etc in the business world.


Reddit smallbusiness Community

Questions about starting, owning and growing a small business.


Reddit Shameless Plug Community

Promote your project shamelessly


Reddit Roast my startup Community

Post your start-up (or start-up idea) for other entrepreneurs to roast it.


Reddit SideProject Community

r/SideProject is a subreddit for sharing and receiving constructive feedback on side projects.


Reddit producthuntrehearse Community

Test run your products here and get feedback from other makers before you proceed for an actual launch on PH! This way you can avoid all possible mistakes and make sure your product is flawless .


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