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Micro SaaS Ideas, Guides, Examples, and Resources to Build your niche SaaS Product

I have compiled a list of Micro SaaS ideas, guides, examples, and resources to build your next Micro SaaS startup business. These links can help you understand how to build a product in Niche Market. Let me know if you know any more website which can be added here.


What is Micro SaaS

If you want a beginner, this link is a great starting point to learn about Micro SaaS.


Micro-SaaS Guide

Another Micro-SaaS guide for beginner. You can learn to find Micro SaaS ideas, validate, and build a product.


YouTube video to learn about 3 Types of Micro SaaS Ideas

A video by TK Kader, in the video he explained about Micro SaaS is and how to find ideas to build a successful SaaS product.


Zero to Sold - A Book to build a Small Saas Business

Zero to Sold: How to Start, Run, and Sell a Bootstrapped Business


Start Small, Stay Small Book

A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup.


Podcast on Micro SaaS

Podcast on coming up with Micro SaaS Ideas, Bootstarping, and Selling it at Profit.


IndieHacker discussion on Micro SaaS Examples

A post by Trends.VC founder, discussing about Micro-SaaS examples on Indiehacker


Sheety - Micro SaaS Example

Develop prototypes, websites, apps using Google Sheet.


Hypefury - Micro SaaS Example

Hypefury is tool to grow & monetize your Twitter audience. An example of Micro SaaS.


Bannerbear - Micro SaaS Example

Bannerbear helps to auto-generate social media visuals using Templates. Bannerbear is making over $10,000 MRR.


MICRO SaaS Video explanation

YouTube MicroSaas explanation video


Tyler tringas (StoreMapper): Micro Saas

Great video explaining about MicroSaas. How to build, grow, and make money.


HackerNews discussion on Micro Saas Examples

Examples of super simple SaaS that make at least 500 USD per month.


Success Stories of Solo founders

Get inspired by more than 50 success stories of solo founders making money from Micro SaaS products.


Websites to Promotes your Micro Saas Startup

If you have already build a product. Here is a collection of websites where you can promote your micro saas website for early users.


Micro SaaS explanation by Trends.vc

A paid resource by Dru Riley on Micro SaaS.



SaaS4Devs is a collection of content for developers to start a SaaS business. You'll find huge collection of resources, tools, & advice guides.


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